Iti-bity Favorite Things


The end is in site.
Just two more squares to embroider!
 I went ahead and added all the doo-dads I've been saving for the end. 
I guess I just needed to see it nearly filled up. 
It made me feel better; though, I'm sure the hoop will never fit on there again.

 VW Beetle (Bug)
This did not turn out the way I envisioned it!
But there it is...


 Lady Bug

Yup, I like old keys.

 Bird House


Only three to go!

Bedtime Stories
I just LOVE bedtime stories! 
and miss them ...


 Only four more ity-bitty squares to go! 
I may actually FINISH this.

Leaf and Bloom of the Tulip Poplar
This is one of my favorite trees. 
I think the blooms smell like orange sorbet. Mmmm...

Black-eyed Susan


Ruby Finches
The Ruby Finches are a group of my friends who flock together to 
knit/crochet blankets for children in orphanages in various places. 
We also seem to be collecting other projects...tweet tweet...


Strawberries/Chocolate Covered Strawberries

Hot Water For Tea

Nice Cup of Tea


Yarn and Knitting Needles
(please try to ignore the blue marker, it'll be gone eventually)


Our  Anvil and Hammers
At least Brandon knew which hammer was his ;  )

DMC Floss
I was so tired last night I don't know why I kept sewing. 
I may have to take these out and re-do them. We'll see.


The "bowling ball" isn't sewn on yet for hoop reasons, 
but  you get the idea; right?



He looks kind of like one of my favorite necklaces. Maybe.


Praying this morning, as I sew, for my dear friend's daughter. 
I am certain God is keeping watch over her & those caring for her. 
Love you Sal!

I love the way the 'cattail' part of these turned out; 
the leaves and stems, not so much. 
Thank you Sheila for sharing your especially cool thread.

This may be my favorite little favorite so far!
The second try turned out much better than the first and 
I just know a third try would produce perfection...
I'll squelch the urge though and let it be.


Seventeen finished and  twenty-three to go! Five of those are mostly buttons or charms 
(or charming buttons?) and can be completed easily in a day; 
so really eighteen to go!
I did most of this one (below) at the coffee shop (then Steak & Shake) with the Ruby Finches last night and  finished up this morning. Have started another and hope to complete it later and post.

Garden (lettuce/tomato/onion), Rain, Rainbow, Clouds.


I spent a few hours yesterday sipping coffee, removing that horrendous nauseous pink tadpole, and drawing out my plans for the remaining squares. It's raining this morning. Time to sew!





Books tadpole being attacked by tiny bluebird? 
Or a freaked out paisley? 
Either way I can't bring myself to go any further on 
this one so will probably take it out and try again.    
Finding bird's nests

Our house





 Ahhh... Coffee
 I wish I'd made the pot a little bigger, though I think it gets the point across.


  1. These squares are so pretty!! I love them. Ok, so I would probably enjoy this a lot. Maybe with the girls in a few years. : ) April

  2. The frog turned out great! And I think the paisley is at the top of the all-time-favorites list of itty-bits everywhere! Your garden scene is adorable. . . I think we had a day like that yesterday with rain, sunshine and rainbows! OK, so I am stealing the books idea. . . need that one in my sampler. THANKS for sharing,

  3. Sheila, thank you for your kind words! Now I'm thinking... kind words are a blessing and how can I make a square to represent that on my new sampler?...

  4. Paula!! These are terrific! Great bowling square. Love the paisley (I'm a fan too and may have to copy that one) and I always love nests and birds. But the coffee....pouring down from heaven(?) into the mug is great too.

    Isn't this fun?


  5. Thank you Jody. Yes, this is fun!
    I may laugh when I get there and remember I said something so trivial, but I do hope there is coffee and heavy whipping cream in Heaven.


  6. Oh my gosh, Paula, the new blocks are SO COOL!!!! You are a terrific stitcher! Love the red finches and the tea cup, the floss and yarn ball with needles. FABULOUS, really!


  7. Jody, thank you, that means a lot coming from the person who's ity-bits I've been showing to everyone because I think they're so perfectly well done and adorable. (I think I'm the queen of run-on sentences)
    Your squares really inspired me to start this project! I do hope you decide to do the blessings stitch along too.

  8. WOW! I'm amazed at your progress. . . and a little jealous. I've had to set mine aside due to time constrictions. But, I'll find the time to finish it, somewhere!

  9. Paula! I'm loving your new blocks too. The tulip poplar is wonderful and I like the Ruby Finches a lot too. They are all so fun to look at. Good work! I've tossed the 100 Blessings aside for now. Summers are too full and I want to be outdoors.