Friday, April 23, 2010

I'm a little readier after a trip to Knoxville to buy some fabric. This fabric is a shade or two darker than the osnaburg I'm using for my ity-bitty favorite things. I think I like it better. There were a few colors that caught my eye in the floss isle and a much larger hoop than I've been using. I nearly bought a nifty rectangle hoop/frame/thing but it was just a tad small for this project. It's hard for me to choose the colors I'll use for a whole one hundred squares, but I think, as usual, I'll lean toward earth tones.

I'm almost afraid to begin! So I'll wait a day or so...


  1. Earth tones, seriously? I never would have expected such a choice from my granola-eating-hippie-wannabe friend!

  2. I have to admit, I'm a little torn about color myself; but I love ALL colors, and have a hard time imagining only one or two for this project. I suppose it could be VERY pretty though, and this just makes it all the more fun to see how everybody else's come out, in time! I'm pretty sure that worrying is not the idea behind this project, so square to square, I'll just hope my imagination and my blessings pull together to make something beautiful when I'm done! ~tina

  3. Hey, I'm going to be watching your project unfold, Paula. I have such a hard time picking a grouping of colors for something like this so I don't. I suppose it will look more "pulled together" if I picked pastels or something.

    Can't wait to see your blessings.